Write for iPad – Sharing Something with a Remote

Write for iPad

It must be a smart way to maximize any features and beneficial applications provided by the iPad you bring on your hand. The idea is how to make it easier for you to live your life as one of the basic reason why you bought the stuff. Well, let’s talk about cool app of the iPad, paired with iPod or iPhone, Write for iPad. There are two beneficial utilities of iPad’s Write for the implementation of device-sharing. They are remote keyboard and remote clipboard.

The first remote keyboard enables you to type on one device while you can see the things you type on the other. It must be great if you think that you need bigger keyboard of iPad to type something to be appeared on your iPhone. You may also use the app for iPad to iPod.

The next benefit is the use of remote clipboard. It enables you to share the clipboard between two different devices. You can try the browser of the Write, copy something to the clipboard, copy the thing from the first device where you brows and paste it on the second one. It must be easy for someone, maybe you, to manage something by the use of the application.

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