Windows 8 PC Discount by Microsoft

Windows 8

To enjoy the new operating system by Microsoft, Windows 8, it seems to be a must for us to buy a Windows 8 PC or laptops. It comes with the information from some analysts that the 2 or more years old laptops and PCs will not work appropriately with the new operating system. However, buying the Windows 8 laptops is quite difficult because of unfriendly prices offered.

Good news comes from Microsoft. The company seems to have a plan to make every Windows 8 laptop affordable. Microsoft will give a discount for PC manufactures on the Window 8 license so that the buyers can buy Windows 8 PCs and laptops with 20% off. What we can indicate from the news is that numbers of sold products are not satisfactory for Microsoft so that it is necessary for the company to make a move for affordable prices in the future.

Keep your information updated if you want to buy one of the products of Windows 8 PC because there is still no clear information about when the price cuts. However, it is still great to know that we can buy the product cheaper than before so that we can upgrade what we have with the newest operating system.

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