Windows 8 Features

Windows 8

As one of the greatest software developers in this world, Microsoft has just launched the newest version of its well known operating system. Yes, indeed, we are talking about Windows 8. Perhaps, you might still be astonished by the previous version, Windows 7, and yet, Microsoft has released the newest version.

As the faithful user of Windows operating system, such release is certainly a kind of good news for you. What you will have in your mind is certainly the features which are offered by this new operating system. Here are some of the features that you will find and it is highly possible for you to love them. Check this out.

  • The improved booting speed. Of course, the speed of the booting for the operating system will be able to give you more satisfaction. The waiting time for you to turn on the PC until you can enter the OS will be cut down. It will make the function of the PC can be more optimal.
  • Dynamic and innovative desktop. You will certainly find it impossible to get bored by the appearance and the design of the desktop.
  • Enhanced searching capability. Enjoy the newest experience of searching within the applications that have been installed.
  • Windows to go feature. With this feature, you can save the personal setting of your Windows to your USB flash disk. If you are using the other computer with Windows 8 in it, you can simply upload the setting and everything will be like the computer that you usually use personally.
  • Windows Live synchronization. Similar to the Windows to Go feature but instead of using USB flash disk, you are using Live ID.

Windows 8

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