What is the Best Smartphone 2012?

Best Smartphone 2012

Lots of people in the world want to know what the best Smartphone 2012. Firstly, you can read this overview about best Smartphone in 2012 to get some info for answer your entire question.  As you can see now we’re taking voting on truly best smart phone 2012. And also, you can take part in this voting as well as assist all of us to find the truly best one. And the rules you and all people can read in the main web page of our website. Nowadays best Smartphone is Sony Xperia S (this has five points). You should know, in this article all of us will determine truly best Smartphone. So, you also can agree as well as disagree with all opinion in this site.

Therefore let’s determine the best rated Android apps in all of market in the world. And below are the truly best Smartphone in 2012 working Google’s mobile operation system.

1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus: This is the Galaxy Nexus, this Smartphone is best Android phone currently, is the very first Smartphone to run the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

2. Sony Xperia S: Second is Xperia S. It is really outfitted with a 4.3 inches display as well as with dual-core processor.

3.  Motorola Droid Razr: All people know the Droid Razr packages in a good dual core processor with 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9, and with 8 MP cameras, big battery in the frame with width of 7.1 millimeter.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note: And then, next is Galaxy Note. It amazing Smartphone has a large display size for the details it has 5.3 inches. And also, it occupies an empty niche between Smartphone as well as tablets.

Finally, choose what best Smartphone for you. Don’t forget to give all your opinion for this short review about best Smartphone 2012.

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