The Advantages of Using Ipad in Classroom

Using Ipad in Classroom

Many schools around the world start to change their textbook with ipad. This technology gives much easiness to students and give new way of interaction between students and teachers. Use it optimally to get maximum benefits.

  • Students can bring their ipad that is lighter and simpler than bring many textbooks in class. They only need to bring one thing to cover bulky books. Moreover, students can easily add notes in each lesson material as well as erase it.
  • By using ipad, students can get various educational apps that can help them to understand the materials. Students can download application related to material that they have difficulty or interested with, such as math games and spelling apps.
  • With internet access, students can do research related to lesson in classroom. If they do not understand certain topic, teacher can offer online source that will enrich students’ knowledge.
  • Ipad can make students’ presentation more attractive. They can add videos, sound, or other applications in their presentation so they can easily grab class attention.
  • Teachers also can enjoy the benefit of ipad. Many application offers various facilitation related to teaching activity, such as ‘Penultimate’ to record students data and image and ‘TeacherPal’ used to record students’ mark, attendance, and behavior for free.

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