Microsoft Surface, Is It a Tablet or a PC?

Microsoft Surface

By considering the fact that technology has been really awesome recently, technology developers seem to be in race to make innovation. Well, lately, Microsoft has launched Microsoft Surface and it has become some kind of hit in the market. It is proven by the nice sales of the gadget and also the enthusiasm of the public about this gadget.

Do you know what Microsoft Surface actually is? Perhaps, some kind of confusion might appear in your head. Is it a tablet or a PC? Well, if you are considering the appearance of the gadget, you might think that it is another kind of portable PC. However, Microsoft itself claims that Microsoft Surface is a tablet gadget. Here are the things which can be said to be the characteristics why this gadget is valued as tablet.

  • It uses smaller size of processor for the purpose to save the size of the gadget. The processor is even smaller than the processor for portable PC.
  • Relatively small storage capacity which is ranging from 32 to 128 GB.

Microsoft Surface

The two characteristics mentioned before should be enough to emphasize that this gadget is a tablet. However, basically, there is no use to debate whether Microsoft Surface is a tablet or a PC because the point here is the fact that it is such a great gadget.

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