Make Your Own Android App Easily


Got bored with your android handset because there is no new application for you to use? Or you have the idea for application that nobody has ever made before? Well, why don’t you make your own android application with your own original idea? You don’t need to know everything about android programming language, because these websites will help you make your own android app.

  1. Andromo. This is one the most used platform to make the android app easily and directly from internet. They support a lot of types of the application that you can make with their site. You can also earn some money by placing ads on your application. But the minus part is that you need to know a little about HTML and Java programming language if you want to make your app from here.
  2. Android 3 Apps. This might be the most unique app maker for android user. You will only need to install this app on your android gadget and you are ready to make your own app. The unique thing is that you only have to go through three steps to make it. Choose the type of the application you want to make, customize it and then share them. All you can do directly from your android device. The minus part is that you can’t make an app that has your own idea. Instead , you will be able to customize the app just like what you want it to be.

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