Just Got Started on My New Job

Just got started on my new job, which is one of those temporary things where you need money to finish school. I got a little pick up truck that says Tara Energy on the side of it and they give me a hard hat, but I do not do much where I need a hard hat. It is not like I am the guy who cuts the power off if you do not pay your bill. Instead I go and leave the thing on your door that says that guy is going to come around and cut your juice off if you do not pay up. Obviously you are not made very welcome in this sort of situations. The people there think you are going to cut the power off and they give you the ugly looks or try to sick their dogs on you. Of course I am not hanging around. I go there and I hang the thing on the door and I get out of there. I do not get paid to get into fights with random people obviously and I have no desire for that sort of thing.

The guy this morning acted like he was going to try to stop me from putting that thing on his door, but of course it does not really matter what he does. He can do what he likes to me or that piece of paper and it does not stop them from coming around to turn his power off on the date when it says that they are going to cut it off. A lot of times this is where people have simply forgotten to pay their bills or they are putting off one bill so that they can pay another one, the mortgage is more important than the power for example.

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