Apple ipad Mini, is it Really What Apple Fans Want?

Apple ipad mini

Recently Apple Inc launches their new product called iPad mini. Many fans of apple have been waiting the launching of iPad mini because it is said that iPad mini will have almost the same features as original iPad .  With its 7.9 inches screen, iPad mini can perfectly showing the sharpness of the text and images.

Apple ipad mini

iPad mini uses Black anodised aluminum which can still keep their premium feel as original iPad. And for its operating system, iPad mini will use iOS 6 which is usually used in Apple’s mobile product. iOS 6 offer some changes especially in social networking features. Apple’s fans now can post in twitter or facebook directly from the pull-down bar. Besides, offering changes in operating system, the App store also has a new design which makes it better.

Like the original iPad, iPad mini also provides dual camera which known as FaceTime and iSight camera. You can take a sharp picture with its 5 megapixels camera which also able to record 1080p video.  Over all, iPad mini is worth it because with its small design and more reasonable price, you can get almost same features as original iPad. Besides, with some changes in the feautures, iPad mini will give you enjoyable experience when you surf on the internet through your social networking site.

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