6 Tips for Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you’re lecturing to a classroom of college students or a boardroom of business investors, it’s important to make your PowerPoint presentation an informative and engaging experience. Here are just a few tips for avoiding common mistakes and getting the most out of your slides.

1. Stick to the Basics

You don’t need crazy colors and bouncing animations to make a compelling presentation. In fact, unless you want to thoroughly distract your audience from the point of the slides, you shouldn’t use them at all.

2. Don’t Mess With Your Fonts

Your presentation should be in an “everyday” font like Arial or Times New Roman. Resist the temptation to make it flowery or fancy. This will only alienate people in your audience who have to squint to make out your words.

3. Make It Uniform

Use the same templates for all of your slides. For example, if the text starts a half-inch from the margins on your first slide, make sure it’s a half-inch on all additional ones too. Keep your titles centered and the same font size. Use the same frames.

4. Add More Pictures

Graphs and illustrations are a great way to increase visual engagement among your audience. Eyes will naturally glaze over large chunks of text, but pictures are worth a thousand words.

5. Keep the Background White

While it’s okay to play with red or yellow text for the occasional bit of emphasis, you should never change the background color of your slides. Not only can it ruin the contrast from the text, but it also sends the message that your information isn’t substantial enough to stand without flair.

6. Proofread Everything

You’ll feel pretty silly when you see that late-night typo on the big screen. Go through each slide individually and proofread your spelling and grammar. You’ll be glad you did.

These are just a few tips for creating high-impact PowerPoint presentations. If you need more assistance, think about contacting PowerPoint specialists like the ones at eSlide.com. They’ll help you design, edit and format your presentations to be the very best they can be.

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