3 Tips to Care Your Laptop


Laptop is one of the important things in human life that need to be taken care of. You might not want something bad happens that can break your laptop. Taking care of your laptop avoid any malfunctions on your laptop so you can use it properly. There are 3 important tips to care your laptop. These are cheap and easy treatment for your laptop. Here we go!

  1. Cleaning up your laptop. You are recommended to clean up your laptop regularly, or at least when it gets dirty. You need to use proper cleaning stuffs for your laptop. You can get them in your nearest home depot. You also need to avoid dust that it can causes laptop overheating. This is caused by the dust that clogs the fans. You also need to clean up your keyboard to keep it working.
  2. Looking after the battery. Charging your laptop when you use the laptop with battery attached can damage your battery. This can make your battery life shorter. You are recommended not to charge your laptop while you are working with it because this may cause overheating. This can be prevented by removing the battery from your laptop.
  3. Protect the data. Here, the simplest thing to save your data is to back it up regularly. Your files can be protected from viruses or any accident that can harm your files.

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