3 Fun Apps for iPad

iPad always spoiled its user with their latest apps which can be played anytime and anywhere. It always fun to play their amazing apps while there is nothing to do. If you need new apps for your lovely iPad, we suggest you to try these 3 Fun apps which become popular among the iPad users.


  1. Procreate

If you love drawing and sketching in spare time, this app will probably suit you most. Procreate allow its users to draw and sketch with customable brushes. With the powerful CPU in iPad, This app allows you to export your drawing to Photoshop’s PSD format which can be reedit on a desktop computer.


  1. Tweetbox

Since updating your status via social media becomes an important part of your daily life, you should have an app that allows you to optimize your social media experience. Then all you need is an app called Tweetbox. Tweetbox is an official twitter client for iPad that provides you with its handy features such as quick gesture, customable tab, and easy user interface.

Verbs IM

  1. Verbs IM

Verbs IM is an instant messaging app that will make you keep in touch with your beloved family and friends. It supports Facebook chat, AIM, and Google Talk. You can easily operate this app because it has minimal feature. You can chat anytime and anywhere with this simple app.

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