3 Best iPad apps for education

iPad apps for education

In Apple market there are more than 200,000 education apps to download everyday. However, since there are so many apps, you may be confused to choose which one is suitable for your kids. Of course you don’t want to see your kids’ only playing game all day on their iPad so that choosing education game is a good idea to make your children keep learning in a fun way. Here are 3 best iPad apps for education which available in Apple market.

The first one is 3D brain; it is a game about human biology. Your kids’ can learn about many parts of human brain from this app. Your kids’ will have a good time while playing this game because the graphic design of this app is really attracting. Still from the biology field, you can download Leafsnap app which will teach your kids’ about massive database of plants in the world. Your kids’ surely will love this app because it has high resolution images.

iPad apps for education

And the last app is Exoplanet, this app is about teaching your children on solar system. The apps will help your kids’ to learn about the name of the planets and the galaxy of this earth. The most interesting from this app is it can be zoom in so that your kids would see clearly about the order of our solar system.

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